[C.C.C. Inc.]

[Camus Computer Consulting, Inc.]
9101 river road · new orleans · louisiana · 70131

specializing in internet specific design and programming
proficient in:
html, xhtml, c, c++, c#, perl, ruby (on rails), python, php (and misc. frameworks), java, javascript (with ajax), asp.net, soap, visual basic, vbscript, turbo/power basic, coldfusion, foxbase, foxpro, clipper, pascal, fortran, lisp, ada, cobol
operating systems: 
windows, linux, unix, xenix, novell, cpm, dos
sql server, mysql, oracle, dbase, btree, odbc
corel, adobe, photoshop, flash, crystal reports, office
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explore some of our work at:
Creole Mountain
our tradename for a # of brands in development including doBBQ, dead philosophy, and demented dog.
Shoot Wise
local gun and ammunition supplier serving New Orleans and its surrounding areas
Topper World(main graphic) & Topper World of Slidell
distributors of truck and suv accessories including tops, lids, and performance parts
SailRabbit BMR, TDEE and BMI Calculator
a fully responsive self contained javascript driven set of health analysis and diet tools
a four letter dot com for sale
other clients:
Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's OfficeLouisiana Office of Public HealthJerusalem Temple ShrinersThe Bar B Q PlacePat O'Brien'sBlaine Kern's Mardi Gras World,  Patout's Cajun Cabin,  Sizeler Property Investors, Inc.,  Pan American LifePemba Lighting and Automation,  Liberty Lloyds Insurance Company, Camus and Associates, Infinity Data Systems,  16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
personal projects:
Aerlinn Angelfire aka Robin Manzella (memoriam, nostalgia)Sudden Death Fantasy Football LeagueThe Point BBS (nostalgia, defunct)The Voodoo Queen (entertainment, nostalgia)
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